About Us

Ballard Motive Solutions

Ballard Motive Solutions is a specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell system engineering and integration. We partner with leading fuel cell suppliers and carry out application engineering and vehicle integration to create zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles, providing fleet services to support vehicles on the road.

Motive Solutions delivers innovation that addresses the deployment gap between rapidly evolving low-carbon technologies and production-ready solutions. We work with progressive authorities, fleet operators and OEMs to meet their zero-emission targets.

Motive Solutions offers exceptional engineering services taking hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and turning them into practical products. We produce our own range of powertrain products for zero-emission vehicles based on our proprietary A-Drive technology platform.

engineering bizWe are an engineering business

Our ambition is to contribute significantly to moving the global economy to an energy and transport system which is renewable, low-carbon and low-emission – for the benefit of everyone. 

system levelWe work at all system levels

To bridge the gap between our partners’ needs and the rapidly emerging new technologies and business models, from fuel cell subsystems to vehicle systems and whole fleet deployment systems.

With a practical approach, we consider where we can make the most difference and apply our capabilities and competences across the value chain. 

CollabWe create striking and meaningful collaboration

With colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers and stakeholders whose purpose is aligned with ours.

By supporting the development of our team and everyone we work with, we create a vibrant, safe and stimulating environment. We value people from all walks of life and recognise the benefits of diverse teams.

real world

We are passionate about making hydrogen useful in the real world

We deliver engineering and business solutions that replace incumbent technologies and drastically improve environmental performance.

Building and maintaining a best-in-class safety culture is fundamental to our business, and the sector as a whole. 


We contribute exceptional technical expertise to enhance the global fuel cell industry

We will continue to develop energy and transport systems which are cleaner, greener, more secure and more democratic – enabling healthier living for everyone.