Insights is a series of blogs by Ballard Motive Solutions' (formerly Arcola Energy) team of technology, engineering and market creation experts as well as some of our business partners. We're passionate about zero-emission solutions and the role of hydrogen in decarbonising heavy-duty transport.

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Richard Kemp-Harper

Strategy Director

Having spent more than 15 years in technology and innovation, Richard's ambition is to separate hype and hope from reality in technology and innovation.

Expertise: Innovation strategy, systems thinking

Dislikes: Oversimplified analysis, sweeping generalisation

Interests: Offshore sailing, jazz musician

Blog topics: Transport decarbonisation, zero-emission technologies, market creation and introduction

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Hydrogen for Transport: Generating Light not Heat

4 Feb, 2021

Richard Kemp-Harper's ambition is to separate  hype and hope from reality in technology and innovation. In a series of Arcola Insight blogs, Richard tackles the hydrogen for transport debate head-on. First, he sets the scene for the series.

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The Other Zero-Emission Truck



8 Feb, 2021

Electric or hydrogen? Up to this point, the mantra has been big vehicle = hydrogen, however, to get to net-zero, we need both and not "either or", Richard argues.


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Part 1: Hydrogen is Less Efficient. So What?


15 Feb, 2021

When talking about hydrogen applications in transport, often the standard response is “but hydrogen is really inefficient”. OK, but how much does efficiency matter? Richard asks... 

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Toyota Mirai

Part 2: Hydrogen is Less Efficient. So What? Nobody Cares

22 Feb, 2021

Exploring the complexity of the transition to zero emission transport, Richard is addressing the point raised by many energy analysts and researchers that hydrogen is inefficient and therefore a bad thing. 


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H2 tanker

Part 3: Hydrogen is Less Efficient. So What? Energy Cost


1 March, 2021

Fuel efficiency is a crucial factor in the world of commercial vehicles. Not because anyone really cares about efficiency, but because inefficiency means cost. Fuel cost is a large part of the business, but the shift to new forms of energy complicates comparisons.


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Part 4: Hydrogen is Less Efficient. So What? The Value of Time

17 March, 2021

There is so much talk about energy efficiency in the electricity system, but very little about time efficiency. In this post Richard Kemp-Harper discusses the case for hydrogen in the time domain.



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Part 5: Hydrogen is Less Efficient. So What? Monty Python's Policy Circus

6 April, 2021

At a system level, the efficiency of hydrogen systems has implications for energy policy. But other technologies also have compromises. How do we take account of them?


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Arcola Energy Workshop

Fuel Cell Maintenance and the “Moving Parts” Fallacy

27 May

In the comparison between battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, what maintenance looks like is actually the biggest difference between the technologies. It’s not so much comparing apples and pears; more like apples and iPhones.


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