Hydrogen Challenge




Arcola Energy - in partnership with Scottish Power and ITM Power - hosts the Hydrogen Challenge 2021 across Scotland, beginning in the Highlands on August 23 and culminating with a grand final in Glasgow.

Providing an engaging and hands-on educational experience for secondary school students, the initiative aims to engage with more than 7,000 young people throughout Scotland's seven cities. These students will learn, collaborate and build energy efficient, hydrogen-powered scaled-down vehicles using LEGO components and real, miniature hydrogen fuel cells during two-hour workshops.

Arcola’s Hydrogen Challenge guides participants on a journey of exploration to understand the role hydrogen can play in a low-carbon economy – how it can empower communities, provide environmentally and socially sustainable jobs, and address air quality and decarbonisation in transport infrastructure.


Hosted by talented and enthusiastic STEM experts, the Hydrogen Challenge is a 2-hour collaborative workshop that puts hydrogen fuel cell technology in the hands of young people.

The event consists of an introduction covering hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysis, the benefits of renewable energies over fossil fuels, fuel cell applications and locally relevant projects; followed by hands-on activities involving iteration-based scientific enquiry, designing for efficiency, mechanical engineering and gears and ratios.

The activity challenges participants to build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from a kit of LEGO components, LEGO motor and custom-made miniature hydrogen fuel cell power supply. The aim is to design the most energy efficient vehicle possible, with teams ranked by the overall distance they can record on a limited fuel supply.

Judged by the experts guiding the workshops, each event concludes with the announcement of a winning team – who will progress to a regional final, with the chance to compete at the grand final in Glasgow.

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