Rail Applications

Repowering Trains for Zero-Emissions

Hydrogen trains are a leading candidate to replace diesel propulsion for rail lines that cannot be electrified. High energy storage density and fast refuelling times mean that the technology has the potential to offer “drop-in” replacement for current diesel trains. Hydrogen fuel cell power packs deliver zero-emissions with uncompromised performance, improved efficiency and quieter operation.

Ballard Motive Solutions' A-Drive provides a flexible platform to control all elements of the power pack, maximising safety, durability and reliability.

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Train conversions, repowering new builds for all types of multiple units

The A-Drive power pack replaces the old power systems on diesel multiple units (DMUs) and electric multiple units (EMUs) to create hydrogen multiple units (HMUs).

It can be integrated into the power systems of EMUs to create bi-mode units able to run seamlessly with zero-emissions over electrified and non-electrified lines.


Ballard Motive Solutions' compact power pack is a complete fuel cell powertrain, designed specifically for underfloor or roof installation

The power packs are based on Motive Solutions’ proprietary A-Drive hydrogen fuel cell powertrain platform, which replaces the diesel engine and drivetrain to deliver a production ready solution. The A-Drive provides a complete and integrated solution, from lever to wheel, from fuel filler to exhaust, from installation to end-of-life.